Strength in Knowledge

Just as roots provide sustenance for a growing tree, proper advice can strengthen and support your financial future. Teak Tree partners with families to build an organized, actionable financial plan. Armed with the right information, your opportunities are boundless.

Friendship Cultivates Seeds Of Change

Teak Tree Capital Management blossomed in the spring of 2009 – April 24 at 2:18 p.m. to be precise. But the business really took root six years earlier. That's when Stephen, Adam, and Red formed a partnership based on friendship, trust, and complementary skills while working as financial advisors at Merrill Lynch.

As Aristotle once said, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." Red's clients, Stephen's clients, and Adam's clients became "our" clients in 2003, and the foundation for Teak Tree's unwavering culture of collaboration began. After all, assets and liabilities, estate and philanthropic planning, taxes, and insurances can be complicated business.

Since 2011, five friendly faces and bright minds have joined the team. All five have enriched the firm’s ability to carry out its purpose—to teach and inform clients, to organize and simplify their lives, and to prompt them to take beneficial and appropriate actions.

Strength through working together inspired the name. Teak trees are known for their protective properties—durability, longevity, and growth in adverse conditions. Thus, the business appropriately became known as Teak Tree.

  • Strong Limbs And Sound Advisors

    Teak Tree is a happy, collaborative, and close-knit workplace “family” with diverse backgrounds. Our team includes financial planners, portfolio managers, a social worker, a CPA, and a medical doctor. Service at Teak Tree means clients deal directly with everyone. Thus, in-depth partnering provides clients with the knowledge and comfort to make sound financial and personal decisions for the betterment of their future.

  • Stephen Kaye

    Stephen Kaye, CFP®


    Once upon a time, Stephen paid his way through college as a full-time obituary writer (a sure way to foster accuracy). He earned a journalism degree from Texas Tech and spent 15 years in the newspaper business. He left his post as city editor of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in early 2000 and fired up new brain cells in financial services.

    At Teak Tree, Stephen oversees client service and is responsible for the firm’s financial planning for families. He earned his Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation in 2003. He works alongside Adam to lead the firm’s investment committee.

    Stephen is also the resident apple critic (Honeycrisps are the unsurpassed leader!). He can be found with a glass of water and cup of coffee within reach, and he frequently shows ineptitude in the kitchen. First and foremost, Stephen is a dedicated father and husband. He is a loyal friend and confidant, and a news and sports junkie. As much time as he spends on fantasy baseball, shouldn’t one trade work out?

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  • Adam Deem

    Adam Deem, CFP®


    Adam is a natural entrepreneur and the brains behind the Teak Tree business model and success story. He once owned and operated a coffee house in Shawnee, Okla., while attending Oklahoma Baptist University on a tennis scholarship. Needless to say, his time was limited, so no doubt the caffeine got him through his lectures and lobs. Adam later moved to Fort Worth and earned his MBA from TCU.

    At Teak Tree, Adam focuses his attention on domestic and international investment management, trading, and financial planning. He earned his Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation in 2003. Adam’s regimented, daily routine includes a morning cappuccino, peanut butter crackers and bunny cookies at snack time, and a sandwich on his lunch plate.

    Nowadays, Adam and wife Adrianne are proud, busy parents running a not-for-profit Uber service for their athletic children. In case that isn’t enough, Adam also serves on the Elder Board at Christ Chapel Bible Church. He serves daily as a mentor to many.

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  • Jimmy Elliot

    Jimmy Elliott, CPA, CFP®, ChSNC®

    Financial Advisor

    Jimmy is the first Teak Tree employee born in the 1990s. Thus, he brings topics of discussion to the office beyond the usual aching joints and nighttime hot-tea routines. In short, Jimmy has significantly lowered the average employee age.

    And, oh, almost forgot. Jimmy also provides a great deal of knowledge to Teak Tree’s clients. For one, he is a Microsoft Excel stud with analytical skills that produce pertinent results (and colors that make Stephen happy). He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), having worked the first two years out of college at Ernst & Young in Dallas. Since his time at Teak Tree, Jimmy has earned designations as a Certified Financial Planner® and Chartered Special Needs Consultant®. He works closely with Stephen and Adam on financial planning and client-related projects.

    Jimmy is a proud Aggie. He received his bachelor’s in business administration and master’s in accounting at Texas A&M. While there, he met his wife Kaydee, an incredible stay-at-home mom for their young son and daughter. Together, they also parent a Goldendoodle with a penchant for photo-bombing, quirky habits, and an unwillingness to cooperate.

  • Chandler Wall

    Chandler Wall, CFP®

    Financial Advisor

    Chandler is the newest addition to Teak Tree, having started two months before his beloved Baylor Bears won the 2021 men’s basketball national championship. Chandler asked that this fact be included in the first sentence of his bio, despite opposition from Teak Tree’s TCU contingent.

    Anyway, that squabble behind now, what’s important to note is that the average age among Teak Tree folks continues to decline. Chandler’s so young, in fact, that he is now the baby of the Teak Tree family. He has vaulted Jimmy to irrelevant status in the office.

    Chandler likes to eat—a lot. But when he’s not depleting Teak Tree’s pantry and fridge, he can be found working closely with Stephen, Adam, and Jimmy on all aspects of financial planning and investment management. He was recognized as a Certified Financial Planner™ professional in 2023.

    Chandler brings experience in the oil and gas industry to Teak Tree, having previously acquired mineral rights throughout the Permian Basin. He is married to his college sweetheart, Emory, and they had their first child, a daughter, in October 2021. Outside of work, Chandler serves as a mentor to high school students through an organization called KLIFE and serves as a Deacon at Christ Chapel Bible Church.

  • Ingrid Lyles

    Ingrid Lyles

    Office Manager

    When Ingrid started at Teak Tree in 2011, she was entirely surrounded by men. By day, she managed Stephen, Adam, and Red. By night, it was her husband and three sons. So Ingrid was grateful and relieved when Valerie and Adrianne joined the treehouse, as it is called.

    Ingrid is quite the stable force and cool head at home and work. She serves as Teak Tree's office manager; she works frequently alongside Fidelity Investments, Teak Tree’s custodian. Her attention to detail, ability to organize, and follow-through are critical to taking care of clients. Ingrid’s job is to help clients “find a way” rather than accept “no.” More often than not, she does.

    Ingrid's blood runs deep maroon with a B.S. in biology and a M.S. in genetics from Aggieland. She is obsessed with gardening, her pets, and any ice cream flavor (but no nuts, please). She and husband Keith are now empty-nesters; two of their three sons are third-generation Aggies, while a third son took a wrong turn on I-35 and went north to OU. One son has since married to help even the gender playing field.

  • Valerie W. Kaye

    Valerie W. Kaye

    Client Care Advocate

    Valerie is responsible for stocking the Teak Tree kitchen with everyone’s favorites, a tougher job than you might think. She is the consummate caregiver, and in that spirit will assume that if a food item expires 5 days from now, it has already expired. Credit for that one-liner goes to the book Jewish as a Second Language.

    When she’s not shopping for Teak Tree, Valerie serves as its Client Care Advocate. She is a master's level social worker, having specialized in care related to Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and other aging issues. Valerie helps clients and their families talk through difficult times and connect with appropriate resources during a transitional time of life. She will often be the first to answer the phone or greet clients in the office – part of her “job description” she enjoys the most!

    Valerie and Stephen are now empty-nesters. Their daughter is a proud third-generation Longhorn graduate, following in mom’s footsteps at UT-Austin. Their son graduated in 2022 from TCU and now lives and works in Houston.

  • Adrianne

    Adrianne Deem, M.D.

    Client Associate

    Doctors don’t always practice what they preach, entirely. Yes, Adrianne stays physically fit. Yes, she eats well. But, no, sleep will have to wait. She’s pretty much done without for the past 25 years. Fortunately for Teak Tree and our clients, Adrianne’s work is terrific whether sleep-deprived or not.

    Adrianne, a TCU grad, completed her residency in OBGYN at Vanderbilt University before returning to Fort Worth. She worked in private practice for 16 years knowing full well that babies come at all hours. In January 2019, feeling that her children were growing up too fast, Adrianne retired and joined husband Adam at Teak Tree. Essentially, the kids needed a full-time driver and someone (not Adam) who can help with homework.

    At Teak Tree, Adrianne assists Ingrid in all aspects of client service management. Of course, she picked up her new business and new language quickly. At the same time, she is enjoying a second career in medicine by serving as a professor and mentor in the new TCU School of Medicine.

    Adrianne also enjoys exercising, gardening, and photography. Sleep can wait.

  • Daniel J. Red Goldstein, CRPC

    Daniel J. Red Goldstein, CRPC®

    Portfolio Consultant

    Red's true color is TCU purple. He was born in Fort Worth and, notwithstanding a few years of college in Austin, has always called Fort Worth home. In his younger years, Red was a jewelry designer for Goldstein Brothers Jewelers, a family-owned business. Nowadays, Red is a grandfather, father, husband, and animal lover; a teacher in his personal and professional life; and a worker bee volunteer.

    At Teak Tree, Red specializes in equity selection, market research, and global securities strategies. He has a thirst for knowledge on global economics, politics, and religions. He also assists Teak Tree in compliance-related matters. Red began his career at Merrill Lynch in 1987, a way different time when a “low” fixed mortgage rate was 11%. He remained there until the creation of Teak Tree in April 2009.

Growth Through Insight

We help clients organize their financial lives. While the goal might be simple, the process to get there is not. People tend to come to us for a number of reasons, most notably their desire to get their “financial house” in order in the midst of busy lives, because of a recent transition in life, or because they are unhappy with how their investments have performed. When we do our job right, our clients can act with confidence and any financial anxiety wanes.

We promise a deep commitment to listening and providing full financial planning advice around the most critical aspects of clients' stories and needs. This collaborative work between our advisors and clients often becomes intensely personal; this is why a business relationship typically evolves into a personal one as well.

We look forward to discussing the subjects important to all of our clients:

  • Financial planning to make certain financial blind spots are identified and solutions are considered.
  • Research-driven investment strategies and our philosophy focused on the arithmetic of loss.

Our Service Promise

Teak Tree is your financial advocate. We understand that earning trust requires integrity in our dealings, discipline in our processes, and accessibility to us at all times. We don't just profess a dedication to personalized service in an attempt to win your business. We work tirelessly to deliver on that promise every day.

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